2008 Ateneo Art Awards: Zones of Influence




Ramon E. S. Lerma
Director and Chief Curator, Ateneo Art Gallery

Fr. Rene Javellana S.J.
Director, Ateneo Fine Arts Program

Virgilio Aviado
Visual Artist

Dr. Flaudette May Datuin
Associate Professor, Department of Art Studies, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Gina Fairley
Independent Curator and Regional Contributing Editor, Asian Art News, Hong Kong

Gilda Cordero Fernando
Multi-Awarded Writer and Filipiniana Publisher

Dr. Patrick Flores
Curator, National Art Gallery, National Museum

Gustaff Harriman Iskandar
Director, Common Room Network Foundation, Bandung, Indonesia

Rina Ortiz
Art Collector




Catalogue Foreword

It has been said that people turn to art during times of uncertainty. This is perhaps no truer than today as society finds itself being inundated by fleeting sensoria: images and sound flicker on computers and personal mobile devices, while social networking sites and blocks relentlessly challenge notions of ownership and authenticity.

As the present generation struggles to process these random megabits of information and make sense of a world caught somewhere in between the supremacy of the individual and the sophistry of relativism, it is very reassuring to see how the Ateneo Art Awards continues to provide a sense of constancy amidst the flux: a standard of excellence that has remained steadfast in its commitment to honoring the very best of emerging Filipino visual talent over the last five years.

The theme of this year’s Awards, “Zones of Influence”, encapsulates the multiple sources that lie at the center of the complex nature of contemporary art, drawing together such diverse yet interrelated elements as history, theory, education, environment and economics. More importantly, it also underscores the seriousness with which the Ateneo Art Gallery views its role as arbiter and catalyst. I am very proud of the fact that no other cultural institution in the country other than the Ateneo has been able to provide young artists with opportunities to develop their practice by pushing creativity to new levels, building professional networks, and showing what lies ahead in the world of art through the Gallery’s international residency programs.

I wish to express my profound appreciation to the Jury for contributing their time and expertise to arrive at this year’s shortlist and winners, and congratulate and thank the artists sincerely for their participation.

To our co-presentors Asian Art News, Metro Society, Sangri-la Plaza Mall, Union Bank and YStyle of the Philippine Star; to our residency partners Artesan Gallery, Singapore, Common Room Network Foundation, Bandung, Indonesia, La Trobe University Visual Art Centre, Bendigo, Australia; to the members of the Ateneo Art Gallery Society and to all of our sponsors; to the Board of Trustees and President of the Ateneo de Manila University, thank you very much for sharing our commitment to Philippine art. your generous and unwavering support is an abiding influence that inspires and challenges.

Ramon E.S. Lerma
Director and Chief Curator
Ateneo Art Gallery