Picture of AAG in the 60s


Photo: AAG in the 1960s



AAG in Review:

Bellarmine Hall (1960-1967)

Print and Drawing Room (1997-2005)


8 February to 20 May 2017


As we prepare to transfer to a new home at the Arete, we take this opportunity to look back to our history when the AAG was housed in two different spaces: first, the Bellarmine Hall (from 1960 to 1967) and then the Ground Floor of the Rizal Library (current building, from 1967 to 2009).  The distinct qualities of these two spaces impacted on the directions of AAG programs and the memories of those who frequented its spaces.

This “review” is a re-construction of the Bellarmine Hall exhibition, as how Zobel wanted visitors to engage with art of a new visual language.  Another section recreates the Print and Drawing Room where Emmanuel Torres, former AAG Curator (1960 to 2002), taught art history and art appreciation to generations of Ateneo students.

AAG in Review will be up from the 8 February to 20 May 2017. For more information, you may contact AAG Exhibitions Coordinator. Tricia Raya, at