ArtSpeak: Carina Evangelista | When Forces Shape Form
23 Nov 2016 / Wed / 4:00 pm

Join us next week for the next ArtSpeak with Carina Evangelista, titled ‘When Forces Shape Form: Art as Reflection and Response’, on Wednesday, 23rd of November, 4pm.


When Forces Shape Form: Art as Reflection and Response

A lecture on artworks that reflect and respond to the world, made by artists who use the forces foisted upon, or generated by, society as a medium will be presented by Carina Evangelista. As materialized repositories of the interpreted, mediated, and creatively transformed social pulse, they can be controversial or difficult but they can also be spare or spectacular, lyrical or vulgar, intimate or expansive. These works embody the artists’ triggered responses to the world, stoking convictions, challenging prejudices; recording, framing, or reframing situations and questions, altogether speaking to the implicit and explicit tensions of the moment. As such, these artworks come in curious and unusual forms—shaped both by the forces of their milieu as well as the counterforce applied by the artist in distilling, filtering, fermenting, regurgitating, or agitating against the complexity and challenges of unfolding histories.

Carina Evangelista is an art professional whose practice has straddled the United States and the Philippines. She is currently Editor for the Chuck Close catalogue raisonné and Contributing Editor for Artifex Press in New York.