ArtSpeak | Manuel Ocampo in conversation with Angel Velasco Shaw
21 Sep 2016 / Wed / 4PM
Ateneo Art Gallery
Admission is Free

In 1815, Spanish court painter Francisco Goya was commissioned to paint La Junta de la Compania de Filipinas, his largest work, to commemorate the annual meeting of the Royal Company. To mark the painting’s bicentenary in 2015, the Musée Goya in Castres, France invited Manuel Ocampo to do a five week residency to react to this work. His profound interest on Goya has since informed his recent projects.Working from the landmark aquatint etchings Los Caprichos and the Ateneo Art Gallery’s collection of Los Disparates, also known as Los ProverbiosManuel Ocampo and Jigger Cruz, collaborate on divining into the medium of painting, invoking the spirit of uninhibited artistic activity.

Los Desastres dela Democracia (The Disasters of Democracy)
Francisco de Goya, Jacques Gaulon, Manuel Ocampo and Jigger Cruz
runs till 14 January 2017.