Art Management


The Ateneo Art Gallery closely works with the Fine Arts program of Ateneo de Manila University which offers a BFA degree major in Art Management.

Art Management endeavors to expose students to the highest professional standards in art practice outside of its own production. Through its linkage with the Ateneo Art Gallery, the Ateneo’s art museum and the country’s premier museum of modern Philippine art, the program provides important interfaces for education and training in areas such as curatorship, exhibition design, and the marketing and promotion of the arts. The Gallery provides students with the unparalleled opportunity of being involved in the day-to-day programming of its exhibition and public programs, as well as direct linkages with significant local and international artistic and cultural institutions and practitioners. In addition to excellent internship opportunities at the Gallery, a memorandum of agreement was recently signed giving preferential placement for students to gain work experience at the Ayala Museum.

Art Management seeks to produce individuals who will influence, develop, support and implement programs on behalf of artistic institutions or practitioners, helping them realize their full creative potential in the service of the nation.

By fine-tuning their connoisseurship, enhancing their knowledge of art and its histories and critical theories, endowing them with technical competencies, and providing them sound management skills, the program hopes to graduate enlightened and committed visionaries who will extricate the arts from the realm of esotericism and privilege by positioning it as a proactive catalyst intrinsic to, engaged in, and committed to the edification of the quality of life.

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