ARTSPEAK – a lively lecture series held periodically, features artists represented in the collection and faculty members of the Ateneo whose interests revolve around the fine arts. It also involves lectures from guest curators and artists, enhancing the educational experience of the Gallery. ArtSpeak aims to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of Philippine modern and contemporary art in the belief that the experience will later generate support for Filipino art and artists.

ArtSpeak : Veronica Peralejo, IC Jaucian, Derek Tumala
Art Inspired by Science
02 Dec 2015 / Wed / 3:30PM
Ateneo Art Gallery
The 2015 Ateneo Art Awards shortlisted exhibitions featured several artists that drew inspiration...
ArtSpeak with Frank Callaghan
2015 Ateneo Art Award Winner
11 Nov 2015 / Wed / 3PM
Ateneo Art Gallery
There is a stillness to the photographs of Frank Callaghan that reflects his photographic...
ArtSpeak with Ryan Villamael
2015 Ateneo Art Award Winner
04 Nov 2015 / Wed / 3PM
Ateneo Art Gallery
Ryan Villamael, one of the three winners of the 2015 Ateneo Art Awards, blurs the boundaries of art...
ArtSpeak with Professor Salmah Abu Mansor
The Design Process
14 Oct 2015 / Wed /
Ateneo Art Gallery
Professor Mansor is Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA) The...
ArtSpeak with Raffy T. Napay & Charles Buenconsejo
Sanctuary & Relative Nothing
02 Sep 2015 / Wed / 4PM
Ateneo Art Gallery
Exhibitions run through 12 September...
Artspeak with Buen Calubayan
11 Mar 2015 / Wed / 3PM
Ateneo Art Gallery
Biowork is the terminus of the biography works that artist Buen Calubayan has been involved with...
Artspeak with Eric Zamuco
Another Other
26 Nov 2014 / Wed / 3:00PM
Ateneo Art Gallery
Echoing his previous solo exhibition Another Please, Eric Zamuco brings to the Ateneo Art Gallery,...
ArtSpeak with Dr. Giovanni Tapang: Making Things Move
Art and Science meet at the Ateneo Art Gallery
30 Sep 2014 / Tue / 4:00PM
Temporary Exhibitions Wing
Drawing an intersection between visual art and mechanical science, Dr. Giovanni Tapang, Associate...
Artspeak with Martha Atienza
Artspeak with Martha Atienza
30 Jul 2014 / Wed / 4:30PM
Temporary Exhibitions Wing
About the artist Born to a Dutch mother and Filipino father, Martha Atienza moves between the two...
ArtSpeak with Charles Buenconsejo and Wawi Navarroza
On Photography
04 Dec 2013 / Wed / 3:00PM
Temporary Exhibitions Wing
CHARLES BUENCONSEJO was one of the three winners of the 2013 Ateneo Art Awards. Although...