Shared Residence

01 Mar 2017 - 01 Mar 2018

Photo: Leslie de Chavez, Approximating Fear, 2016, embroidery on canvas, 50 x 50 cm
  Shared Residencea collaborative art project initiated by Poklong Anading, examines the notion of public and ...

Ligalig: Art in a Time of Turmoil

08 Feb 2017 - 27 May 2017

  Ligalig, a Filipino word for “threat,” encompasses the themes that continue to be relevant to this day — threat to life and freedom brought about by abuse of power, ...

Lines: Pictures and Poems by Jose Garcia Villa

08 Feb 2017 - 26 Aug 2017

Lines: Pictures and Poems  by Jose Garcia Villa   presented in cooperation with the Rizal Library 8 February to 26 August 2017 Jose Garcia Villa (1908–97) is best known as a modernist poet in ...

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Balete | Leeroy New

Adjani Arumpac

15 Jul 2010 - 30 Oct 2010

Profanum Who’s afraid of the Balete? Also called the Banyan tree, the Balete’s distinct aerial prop roots and capacity to grow to huge proportions have bestowed upon the tree a sacred ...

Watch History Repeat Itself | Kiri Dalena

Adjani Arumpac

15 Jul 2010 - 16 Aug 2010

History in Translation Light and shadow — Kiri Dalena manipulates the basic properties of cinematography to channel rage against the system into a self-reflexive multimedia installation. The artist subtly renders fascism ...

Bored on the Fourth of July | Kawayan de Guia

Padmapandi Perez

22 Jan 2010 - 15 Mar 2010

(Un)Made by Walking Kawayan de Guia arrived at the Omi International Arts Center in Ghent, New York spent from the journey from the Philippines, out of sync and empty-handed. The hosts ...