Lost Frames at Ateneo Art Gallery | 18 May 2017, Thursday 3:30-5:00 pm
18 May 2017 / Thu / 3:30 PM
Free Admission


photos by MM Yu


Lost Frames is coming to Ateneo Art Gallery on May 18, International Museum Day. Participating artists, Poklong Anading, Vic Balanon, Lena Cobangbang, Rico Entico, Cocoy Lumbao and MM Yu, will screen and discuss unfinished video works, abandoned projects and ideas that have yet to be made.

Lost Frames is a community-based initiative for viewing artists’ moving images. It started with a small group of artists who took interest in showing each other’s work through an evening of presentation and discussion alongside a video projector. Since then, it has become an event that encourages other individuals to share their works and to talk about each other’s methods and ideas with regard to video as a medium of expression. It differs from other screening programs being a non-curatorial outfit, reaching out instead to other artists to share works that have, since their time of production, failed to sustain an audience.

Moreover, the 2017 International Museum Day theme, Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums, encourages the acknowledgment and expression of multiple viewpoints in museums. Concurrent with this, AAG shares its space with this developing perspective in experimental film and video art. Lost Frames shows works that fall outside the margins of more conventional screening programs, have received limited exhibition exposure, or are simply in their stage of finding viewership.

Come one, come all. RSVP by emailing aag@ateneo.edu.