There are lots of similarities between the artists Fernando Zobel and Juvenal Sansó. Aside from being both Spanish nationals who in part lived and practiced their art in the Philippines and internationally from the early 1950s onward, they have both donated their personal collections which later ended up as the core collections of two private museums. Because of they exhibit in many countries and because they draw inspiration locally and from abroad, their works exemplify the borderlessness of art and put to question nationality and nationalism in Philippine art. Both reknowned painters, they are also both adept printmakers.

The Ateneo Art Gallery in collaboration with Fundacion Sansó, is pleased to present “Other: Zobel and Sansó.” The exhibit opens on February 10, 4pm, at the Ateneo Art Gallery with a lecture by Pandy Aviado on his memories of striking prints for Zobel and Sansó. Over 80 prints and travel sketches by Zobel and Sansó will be exhibited, including never before exhibited pieces. Admission is free but only 40 seats will be made available. For reservations, please call Ferdie at 4266488. The exhibition opens on 10 February and ends on 23 July 2016.